Hi, this is Tara. It's been a long time but I just wanted to say hello and let you know that the Boston we adopted from you is doing wonderful! We named her Zoe and she is as smart as can be... Already knows about 3 or 4 tricks! She has gotten all of her puppy shots and does wonderful at the vets. Just wanted to check in and let you know that we couldn't be happier with our little girl, and really wanted to thank you for her. Her and our corgi get along so well, and instantly bonded. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Tara Weber

Hi Jenny, We just got Willow spayed Wednesday. Attached is the documentation from our Vet. An update on Willow- she is doing great! I attached some pictures of her playing in the snow. She loves to play in it! We've just started dog training classes and are having fun with that. We absolutely love her! We couldn't have asked for a better dog. Hope all is well with you and your family.
Zak Cole

Hi Jenny,Jeff, & Family,
Just wanted to let you know that Phoebe Noelle ( Our Precious Pug) is such a joy !! She is so full of energy and has brought so much joy and laughter into our lives.I think she might be just a little spoiled ! After we lost Sadie our first Pug of 15 years we werent sure if we wanted to adopt another one but boy are we glad we did.We just love her so much ! Thank you so much for raising such beautiful and healthy Pug's.
Terri & Jim Cook

Thanks so much for raising some fabulous dogs. Oscar has definitely become one of the family. He would be perfect if he would house train faster, but everyday is a little better and we expected him to need training. He's been a great addition to the family. My kids aren't even a little afraid of him. Took a little time for my middle child to stop jumping back everytime he licked her, but she absolutely loves him now that she knows he's not going to bite like the previous dog. Check out the pics I attached. 

Tami Scherer

Hey Jenny!
Here is a little update on Spanky =) We celebrated his 6 month "Birthday" on Thursday, with a huge eidble nylabone that was bacon flavored- his favorite! He was very busy this week, having two dog classes before his big show today. I attached a little picture of him doing a long sit (he is on the end, with Deanna). He was such a trooper; they got 3rd place with a blue ribbon! In our opinion he is still first place, hehe =) He is so unbelievably smart and never fails to make us proud. He is now crate trained, about 99.9% house broke, knows heel, sit, down, stay/wait, come, and will play fetch. He is growing up way too fast; his next vet appointment is to get neutered! Someone brought a 9 week old Boston to the show today, pretty sure I got puppy fever for a little bit! I still remember when Spanky weighed in for the first time at the vet at 3lbs with his collar on! This summer his coat lightened quite a bit and looks just beautiful- he reminds me of a caramel swirl brownie =) A while ago, Devin was out with him, and someone stopped him and asked to take pictures of Spanky, as they had never seen a Boston of that color =) and, I don't know how many times we have been stopped and asked where we got him; we always smile and tell them exactly where he came from! He has been such a blessing in our life! THANK YOU very much for breeding and raising such beautiful and wonderful animals =) I hope your summer hasn't gone too fast, and that the weather is a little cooler in Iowa, than Minnesota! Take care, Jenny! -Elizabeth

Hi Jenny - just wanted to forward a few pics of Ozzy.  We are having so much fun with him.  You gave us a great puppy!  The last picture is how he likes to nap...which is absolutely hilarious!!     -- Sara and Luke Vander Sanden

Hi Jenny and Jeff and Family,

I just want to give you an update on the puppy. We have named him Rocky. He is awesome! I think the best and easiest puppy we have ever had. He didn’t cry at all on the way home and sat on Beau’s lap (our 13 year old) and slept a lot on the way home. He hasn’t had one accident as is going outside in the back of his outdoor kennel in the rock area.  We are taking good care of him. He has an outdoor kennel (which I don’t think he will be in too much), he has a crate, a soft side carrier, a bed, a mat, and lots of toys. He is drinking and eating out of his dish and playing outside. He is perfect for us and it is obvious you have done a great job. I will definitely recommend your dogs to others. I have attached some pictures for you. Thank you so much! Karin, Scott, Beau Pauly and Grandma

Had to share some pictures of Lilly.  She has brought us so much joy!  She gets spayed July 5th, I will send you a copy of the paperwork from the vet when that is done.  She weighs 7 pounds now.  Don’t know what we’d do without her!  She pretty much goes everywhere with us when I run the kids around to their activities – they love her and so do their friends!  My father-in-law stopped by our house today just to see Lilly, so she is very much loved! This is Lilly with our other house dog Holly.  Sometimes Lilly lays on top of Holly, it is so funny.

Hey Jenny,
Just wanted to let you know that Rocco is doing great in his new home. My fiance and I are so in love with him - he is such a good dog. He is the most social animal I know, curious about everything and everyone. He is so smart, too. I attached a few pics of him. Thanks for all your hard work the dogs! Gillian

Hi Jenny, I just wanted to say that the lil girl we adopted from you last week is such a sweetheart and has been an amazing addition to our family! The boys decided to name her Echo and she is greatly loved! She plays well and has been doing great with crate training/housebreaking! We love her to death and I will send pics soon :) Thank you so much!! Kelli Thumma

Hi Jenny, I've been meaning to send you an update on our dog (she was one of Sammi's puppies, I think). We got Bella from you a year ago in January and she will turn 2 in November. We can't believe it! She is just the best dog ever...her favorite thing is playing catch/fetch with any toy or ball you can throw but also loves to cuddle up on your lap and gives lots of kisses. She is very energetic and smart; we can work on something new and she will start to get it within a few tries. Bella is just the cutest dog we could ever ask for! We love her so much!! We hope to be back for another one in a couple years. I also attached a picture of her waking up from a nap on a pile of pillows :) Thanks for such a great pooch! Kate & Adam

Jenny, our puppy Daisy is doing great! She is almost four months old now and growing so fast.  She is adorable, and everyone loves her.  I've recommended Boston Babies to people that are thinking of a Boston.  Have a Happy Easter! -

Anessa Andersland


I thought it was time I send an update on the new puppy, Myles. He's been with us for a week now and we are loving every second. His big sister Chloe adores him and has been teaching him the ropes of life with the Kleffmans. He follows everything she does, whether it's going outside for a walk, chewing chewies in the living room or taking a ride in the car. His potty training is going amazingly well - only two accidents on the first day! He's super smart and already knows how to sit for treats and wait while you put his leash on to go outside. He LOVES to chew on chewies and play with toys at top speed until it's time to crash for a nap on the couch - or in my arms. It's so funny to see them together - they're so alike it's like watching Chloe and a tiny clone of herself!We have to say thank you for raising such a sweet, well-behaved puppy. Whether it's potty training, walking on the leash or being in the kennel, it has been a breeze to train him, thanks to you all. We'd have more just like him in a heartbeat.I've attached some pictures for you to take a look at. I'll keep you updated as he grows (which seems to happens faster every day). Again, thank you for everything - Mark, Chloe and I are in love!

Have a great weekend,
Lee Ann

Thank you Jenny & Jeff,
We are quickly falling for this new brindle bundle of affection & spunky playfulness.  I have a bug pile on my lap as I type this.  Sophie is resting right next to me & Mertle has her head actually on my laptop.  The packet of info is so useful & organized - thank you for that - her 1st vet appt is Wed.  We stopped to take pictures at 2 rest stops on the ride home & she was so goofy doing this sit-hop thing.  She is already a fast little bugger, so we got her a mini-harness for now.  Last night, they lounged together on Mike on the couch.  Sophie is adjusting really well to the new pup and her tail is always wagging - she is dominant but not aggressive with toys & she goes belly up sometimes and lets Mertle lick her.  Mertle ate her 1st 2 meals with no problems (we stuck with the Eukanuba small breed puppy) & has had 3 good solid poops.  I love, love her coloring - especially in contrast to Sophie's black & white - we really have 2 show-stopping dogs.  I can't wait to walk around our neighborhood...people always stop to ask what exactly Sophie is dog-wise, even more now with Mertle probably - and of course, I'm a major bug hybrid advocate - Must Love Bugs!   Thank you for breeding such a joy of a bug pup!
 Kelly Hoffman

Jenny -   It was love at first sight for us and Molly!  Had a great evening with her and she slept through the night,  Had an accident this morning, but that was my fault,  She ate her breakfast right down and is currently sleeping on my lap.  Hope to send photos soon.  Thank you again for bringing this wonderful little girl into our lives! Kevin J

Jenny and family,
Guess what? We love our new Boston terrier more than anything! Not only that, but Winston loves him even more. They are so cute together and they act just like brothers. Winston is teaching Otis how to be naughty and we love it. Thank you again, Jeff, for driving to Williams, IA, to meet us. Otis is hilarious. He makes us laugh with his crazy antics. He is cute and we love watching Otis play with Winston. Winston is territorial about his toys, but he doesn't mind it if we pet Otis or give Otis treats. Otis always gives us a goofy look every time he wants to play with Winston or with us. We are satisfied TWICE. Thanks again.

John and Natalie

Good Afternoon Jenny,

We just got back from our official check-up and Sadie passed with flying colors. Dr. Henning said she is perfect. We got a good one J. Sadie weighed in at 4 pounds 9 ounces. She will be a nice compact pug. We go next Monday for shots. Our Vet clinic loves your records that you send home with your buyers. I was amazed that last night Sadie slept through the entire night without a peep.

Hey Jenny! Spanky is doing great! We sure do love him =) I took him to the vet on Wednesday for his first visit, he weighs 3lbs with his little collar on! The ladies behind the desk didn't want to send him back home with me; he was very good during his exam, wasn't scared at all! He is adapting really well to our schedule; Devin gets him up every morning at 5am to eat breakfast and go for a little walk, then he goes back to sleep in his crate until I get home from work a couple hours later. He goes to bed every night around 9pm, we snuggle him into his crate with a huge bottle filled with warm water and cover him up with one of his baby blankets- I think that is his favorite way to be tucked at bedtime =) Another one of his favorites is to take a nap with his face nuzzled into our neck; he is a little cuddle baby! He is very good about going to the bathroom outside, we are thinking of starting to teach him to ring a little bell when he needs to go out. He is also very good at coming to us when we call him, following us on his leash, and obeying the word "no". He is getting used to bath time, his favorite part is when he gets his face and ears washed with a damp cloth. He loves to play with his little squeak toys, and follow us around the house; he is still trying to master running and turning corners on hardwood floors =) Thank you so much for letting us adopt this little bundle of joy! He has been such a great addition to our life! You can truly tell he was raised in good hands =) We will hopefully send you an updated picture soon! Thanks again! Elizabeth and Devin

Just a message about our experience with Miss Pearl.  First of all, Pearl was a gift to me for my 50th birthday.  I wanted to start with that so readers know how long I have had pug pets.  My first Pug was in 3rd grade when I got Susie for Easter.  Then there was Lucy, Chewbacca and LuLu.  We lost our last Pug, LuLu about 2 years ago and thought that was the end of our pet days.  Well, we noticed your web site and watched it routinely.  We had decided if we got another pug, it would be from you.  We had experienced bad inbreeding in our last one, and felt confident your pugs were top notch.  On January 20th, 2011 we looked at your site and saw the most beautiful black pug ever.  We had to have her. 8 weeks later (after countless updates and pictures from you), we brought Pearl home.  Now, 4 weeks later, I can not tell you how much life has changed and how much we have been blessed by your special care for Pearl.  Getting a puppy has been an adjustment, but there is no doubt Pearl is the best pug we have ever had.  You were right when you called her a diva and she is a total brat, but that is what gives her spirit!  She is now the queen of the house and knows it.  Potty training is going pretty good except for soft things that might be on the ground (pillows, quilts, her foam bed), she loves to hide under the couch and beds with shoes and underwear she steals from us, she thinks we are her litter mates and wants to pull on our ears, hair or pant legs.  She has even given Tom a pierced ear!  She loves pig ears and greenies and prances around with them like she is the most important person in the world!  We love her to pieces Jenny - Thanks so much for giving her a good start!  All my friends think we need another one to keep her company but thankfully you have no more pugs on your site at this time

We are wanted to tell you again how happy we are with Luca, the Boston terrier we adopted about a month ago.  She is truly a gem of a dog!  She is very friendly and has a mild temperament. She has barked only a handful of times and loves nothing better than to sleep away the afternoon or evening in your lap.  This is not to say she is lazy, rather she is a perky dog that loves to go for walks and meet the neighbors.  Luca learned her name right away and was sitting on command after 1 quick session.   She is wonderful!!!
Lori, Dave and Noah

Jenny - just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know the Peanut is doing wonderfully in our home.  He's is just a doll and everyone who sees him loves him up.  Thank you so much for taking such good care of him before he came to our home!!!  We love him!

Hey Jenny! Just thought I would send you a quick e-mail updating you on our new puppy. We decided to name her Maggie Mae and she is doing wonderfully! She is such a little sweetheart and everyone just adores her. Everywhere we take her people oooh and ahhh over her :) She only barked for two nights and now shes sleeping though pretty much the whole night. We took her to our local vet on June 29th and everything checked out great. She met my moms 5 year old Boston Terrier and they had so much fun playing. I can't wait to get a second Boston! Thank you!!!

Hi Jen!  Just wanted to let you know the puppy arrived late Monday night.  Jim was great.  Stella is so great.  She will going to the vet today.  I cannot believe how great she is with the boys.  They just love her!!  Thanks again.

Nicole Micklas

Hi,Just wanted to thank you again for all you do.  Our new puppy is now named Baxter Alexander and he is just what we needed to begin healing from losing our Miss Brooke.  We are also very excited about Miss Bella coming home soon.  Baxter is a doll and loves our cats as much as he loved Brody from first sight.Keep us informed as to our little girl. Have a great weekend.The Dole’s

Hi Jenny,

Maya is so great!!!  We love her so much; she is the sweetest little girl ever.  She’s so cuddly and loves to give kisses.  She’s adapting really well to her surroundings and after the first night in her kennel the next 2 nights were great.  I want to thank you so much for everything, we couldn’t be happier.  We will keep you updated as she grows.  Thank you again and a BIG thank you to your husband for waiting for us in Albert Lea as we were late due to construction. L  Maya is truly a blessing.

Take care and keep breeding beautiful puppies!

Carrie & Jered

Hi Jenny-
Just wanted to thank you for our new puppy!  We love him!! :) You were right, he is such a sweetheart. Thanks again!

Hey Jen,
WE ARE SOO HAPPY WITH OUR LITTLE GIRL! she's well rested now and loving to play...haa...thanks so much! Roxy had her Vet appointment today, all is well.she weighed 2.5 lbs and she'll go back in 2 weeks for 2nd round of shots. (my brother is excited too!)
THanks again! Cory

Mia is doing great with her first day home.  She barely whined in her cage last night and she is using the "pee pads" really well.  Of course she pooped on the car seat and peed too, yesterday!Lilly doesn't quite know how to "play" with her.  We are just watching every interaction to make sure Lilly doesn't get her in the eye....that is all I'm worried about.Thank you again for all of your assistance and help.  You always go above and beyond! PS  Good luck with your surgery, we will say a prayer for you! Julie & Keith

Thought you might like to see some pictures of how our little Bugg is doing. The kids named him Bruno and he has been wonderful! He slept great last night and didn't whine at all!! And no accidents in the house yet either!! Thank you soooo much...he is going to be a wonderful addition to our family and REALLY spoiled!
Emily Updike

Hi Jenny! I adopted a boston puppy from you last halloween 2008 and just wanted to give you an update and some pictures. We named her Raina and she is great. We love her so much and she is such a good dog, she learns very quickly and listens well. Thank You so much for the wonderful puppy! I will definitely recommend you to anyone I come across that is interested in a pug or boston. Have a great day!! Jessica

Hi Jenny, my wife Debby and I purchased our little Boston Daisy from you about a year ago.  As you know, she has needed some medical treatment.  I am happy to tell you that she is doing great and is thriving.  I also wanted to compliment you on your professionalism and integrity as a breeder.  Which is sometimes hard to find.  Your help has been greatly appreciated.  We will gladly recommend you to anyone that asks us for a good breeder, and would absolutly adopt another puppy from you in the future.  2 dogs is enough for now though. :o) Thank you again, Nate and Debby Bostrom

Hey Jen,
we brought Roxy home from the Vet today after getting her microchip and getting fixed.
She is going very well and has an awesome personality. we are so happy with our puppy!! thank you so much for letting us bring her into our lives.

jenny,  just an update on the pug(bug) I surprised Kevin with....if you remember  our sweet little puggy(also a bug) was chased into a busy street by some over zealous and unprofessional humane society officers and died of  hesd injury from a car right in front of me!!!  It was Kevins birthday ...our dog was such an important sign of our independence from a bad set of circumstances and was such a source of entertaimnent and fun for his high school buds..we live next door to Creighton Prep (kevin is a junior there)we both were crushed..being a single mom is a job and money is always an issue.. I was racking my brain to find a pup!!!

I found your site and explained about pug and Kevin...and viola!!! Ziggy is here...the discount made it possible..I drove to Des Moines w/ my niece and made it back before scool was out..these dogs make such cute puppies!!  I "hollered" at Kevin about his messy room and said go clean it right now...the usual but moms were lost when he saw ziggy wagging his little tail and jumping all over him!!!   I knew the same breed was a good idea!!! Thank you...he is naughty(Kevin AND Ziggy!) but I can handle both of them!!!   Lisa

Hi Jennifer! Sorry it took so long to send you an update, things have been crazy around here!  The little boy we got from you is doing awesome!  We named him Radar (are you a M*A*S*H fan? LOL!) and it suits him perfectly.  He marched into our house like he'd lived here for years, and won my husband over the instant he got home.  The first couple nights were rough with the whining, but he settled down and got used to the crate at night real quick, and now he's a good sport and we never hear a peep at night.  I wish it had been tht easy to get my kids to sleep through the night!  Potty training's been a bit rough, but today he actually rung the bells we hung on the front door two different times and did his business when we took him out.  So I'm hoping it wasn't just a fluke, and that he's finally starting to catch on. 

Radar loves to cuddle up and take a nap with anyone, he's a real snuggler!  I love it!  He rides great in the van, so we take with him us a lot of the time when we go anywhere.  He's learned sit already, now we just need to get his biting and pant leg chasing under control, he does love to bite!  I'll be taking him to puppy kindergarten soon, so hopefully we'll learn a thing or two there!We absolutely love and adore him!  My stepdad wants a Boston now (he tries sneaking Radar out in his jacket everytime he comes over) so after they move in the spring we may be contacting you again!  Thanks again, and I hope your family has a wonderful Thanksgiving! Kasha & Allen Dombrowski Riley, Anthony, Colton and Radar

Dear Jenny- I wanted to give you an update on Otis, the Boston I got from you a little over 2 years ago.  Otis is the smartest dog ... sometimes I think too smart!!  He is so well behaved and never has accidents in the house.  He is the sweetest cuddler and loves to sleep in on the weekends.  He rules the house but thankfully he grew out of his destructive stage... a few pairs of shoes later.  Now sometimes when I come home from work I find that he's brought my shoes into his bed with him.  Not to chew on, but I guess for the scent. 

Otis and I started out in DC but a year later my work brought us to Helsinki, Finland!! Otis and I had the best time, particularly because the Finns love their dogs and open spaces.  There were plenty of dogs to play with and parks to play in.  The vet said that Otis was so well proportioned compared to the Bostons that are bred in Helsinki.  His legs are longer and his snout is longer also... he hardly ever snores!  Now we've moved back and live in central PA where there are plenty of parks as well.  He is doing great and I just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful dog.  I've attached 2 pictures of him (there are hundreds) just so you could see what a cutie he is.  He is sleeping with his favorite toy on the couch.  He literally stops people on the street and gets lots of compliments.  He's very friendly and will play with anyone or any dog.  I may be biased but he is the cutest dog ever.  Hope you and your family are well. Take care, Evelyn and Otis

I want you to know that I was truly touch by your generousity and random acts of kindness.  In this world we call earth there needs to be more people like you and your family.  Thank you again for the positivety you place on earth with giving a puppy to those who because of no fault of theirs have their live brighten by your puppies. Thanks you once again for your random acts of kindness Debi

Dear Jenny,

Stella, our bugg is now 12 1/2 weeks old.  She is almost 80% potty trained.  We put paper and pee-wee pads in front of the door and she runs to the door and goes on the paper.   She also goes outside whenever we take her out.  She is remarkable, and only has accidents when I let the time get away from me. I put her in the cage when I leave, but otherwise she has a bed and she runs to it to  take her naps or to eat her bones (tons and tons of bones .. she loves to chew) I keep a small space heater near her bed and she loves the extra warm air.  I admit she has been sleeping on a towel in my bed at night.  She did have a few accidents the first week-- but now she makes it from 11:00 until 7;00 am without moving a whisker.    Ruby, our 5 year old Boston adores her too -- although they can get really wild and wrestle like wild animals!!  

You really took great care of your dogs, and your effort is evident.  I can tell she had some experience with paper and grass- or it would not have gone so smoothly.  I will gladly give a reference to anyone who wonders about the Bugg (much more mellow than a pure Boston!!!!) or how nicely trained they are. 

Jenny - I just wanted to give you a birthday update for Carley.  She is now 1 and doing great.  She is in wonderful health and loves to CHEW, CHEW, CHEW!  I am very happy with her!  Thank you for such a wonderful puppy! - Amy Amy Ver Meer


Just thought I'd send a couple pics of Yoda at 4 months old. He is doing very well. At almost 5 months, he can do a number of tricks (about 12), including rolling over, sitting, jumping, doing hurdles (over my leg), giving a kiss, fetching, doing circles, playing dead when I say "bang,"laying down, begging, shaking hands, and giving a "high 5."   He loves taking a shower with me. He will being going for his neuter next Monday. He is getting a bit spoiled, but he doesn't mind. He enjoys playing with out big Tom "Whiner," and is definitely the "Alpha Male" with his other play buddies.  Thanks for a great dog!!!

Cyndee Davis

hi Jenny just wanted to let you know we got the puppy home okay. He is so sweet its taking a bit for our other dogs to get used to him but I think they will be fine, he gets along great with my kids especially my three yr old daughter he follows her everywhere its so cute. Thank you again he will be a great addition to our family and hopefully bring some excitement back into our older dogs..
Jamie Mullenix

Hi Jenny - I want to thank you so much for our new Bugg puppy (named "Flash" by my son) he is absolutely adorable and very sweet.  The only issue we have had is getting him to focus on going to the bathroom outside because people keep coming up to look and play with him!  I want to also thank your husband for meeting us half way and to again apologize for being so late - he was very understanding which was much appreciated.


I just thought I would let you know that the pups are doing great! They are so active. Maddux is so sweet a very good dog. Jezzy is very very onery, but so tiny still. The vet says she is definitely going to be a smaller pug. They are both very very good. Everyone that has been around them said they had very good breeders. We are so proud of both dogs. thanks again! Amy Jenny,
Hope this finds you and your crew doing well.  I just wanted to check in and let you know that Bella is WONDERFUL!  She got a glowing check-up from the vet.  She is full of energy but not hyper.  Potty-training is going amazingly well - only a handful of accidents.  She can sit on command and releases "toys" that aren't hers in favor of a more puppy-appropriate one. All the family members are adjusting to her, slowly but surely. We started Puppy Kindergarten classes yesterday and I think she will be the top of her class!
Bella is a joy to have around and we are loving her to the fullest extent of the law - LOL! Thanks so much!  We will send pics soon!

  Hi Jenny,

I Just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful little Boston Terrier puppy.  We named him Bugsy!  It was long drive to and home from Iowa but it was so worth it.  I couldn't wait to get the little guy home.  He has been adjusting very well to his new home.  He slept through the entire first and second night and hasn't had an accident in the house at all...yet.  : )  We already have an English Bulldog puppy (7 mos old) who seems to be showing Bugsy the ropes and helping him adjust.  I really appreciate the care and feeding instructions you enclosed for me, even the extra bag of food!  It was a pleasure purchasing a puppy from you.

Thanks again,


  Hey Jenny! I just wanted to thank you so much for my little guy- I named him Gizmo. Tell Jeff I'm sorry again for arriving late today.  It took a lot longer to get there than I anticipated and then I got a little turned around.. But I was ecstatic when I finally got to see my bugg!!  The car ride home was very good!  You were right, he is so loving and adorable!  I think he will be potty trained real quick- today is only the first day and he did Wonderful!  Thank you SO MUCH for all the paperwork and everything! I am so happywith Gizmo and I cannot wait for all of the time I will spend with him. Tiffany

Hi, Jenny!

We wanted to let you know that our new puppy is the PERFECT match for our family!  We are falling love all over again, much more quickly than we ever thought possible! Jenny, she is doing SO WELL with the pottying!  She hasn’t gone potty in the house YET!  She’s pooped twice in the house and I think she tried to give us warning first.  We’re catching on to her signals!  She immediately goes when we take her outside!  She’s so intelligent! Thank you again!  You have helped us more than you can ever imagine!

 Amy, John, Kristin & Sam Wolf

Hi Jenny! The pups are doing great! They are doing so well in their crate training. We have only had 2 accidents so far. Which I think for 2 pups is great..were you working with them? Jezzy is very stubborn and very busy which is funny to see the difference in the two of them. The first night we had to get up twice to let them out but last night they only woke us up once. I couldn't believe it. Maddux likes to sleep a lot but loves to play with Jezzy. They are awesome, we just love them so much. You have done such  a great job with them.

we LOVE our little guy! My 2 yr old grandson named him Puppy Jimmy, he is just a sweetie, so cuddly...sometimes when we take him outside, he ends up falling asleep on my lap..thanks again!

  Hope all is well with you and your family.  Just a little update on Moxie and Gabbie.  Both are doing great.  Sarah and Gabbie still live in St. Paul and Moxie of course is with Lisa and me mostly spending time in Ely.  Moxie has been doing quite a bit of agility training and really enjoys it.  Her personality is full of energy, loves the challenge and not afraid of most things.  She does the tunnels, jumps,table, teeter totter, A frame, tire.  Oh, she is OCD on balls, even to the point of passing up food!  She understands so much that it is a little scary!  Can you tell that we are having such a good time with her?  At any rate, our Iron Range Dog Training Club is having a show around the first week of April and we were asked to show Moxie and perhaps have a Boston terrier booth.  Do you have any literature that you could share?  Perhaps business cards?  We have no idea regarding attendance, this is a first.  I plan on doing some homework on this so if you don't have time, I do understand.  Once again, thank you for Moxie! Larry and Lisa and the Mox

Jenny –  I just wanted to thank you again for such a great little Boston!  She has her crazy moments but she is so sweet and funny!I’ve attached a picture of us from a couple weeks ago.  She has grown a lot since then and it seems like she gets bigger every time I turn around. 

Hi Jenny,
Holidays are over and I see you have quite the number of little ones at home.  I don't know how you do it.  Bryan and I purchased Zoey from you almost a year ago.  She is so big!  Last time we weighted her she was a little over 20 pounds and our vet is amazed at the fact that she is ALL muscle.  For the food she eats I'm surprised she's as big as she is.  She eats when she wants and she leaves what she doesn't, but she demands that theres food in their at all times.She keeps finding new ways to tell us she's the princess. We decided to get her a bigger kennel one of the wire ones a while back probably about 6 months ago and about 3 months after we got it; we discovered that she has mastered how to escape the kennel.  She has done it once since, but she only escapes when she wants too.  Now that we know that she can get out when she wants we just leave her door open at nights.  Then we decided that we would leave her out while at classes we bought an expandable gate.  Well she learned how to unhook it if we didn't latch it, so we began to latch it.  Day one, the gate was snapped in two and open.  I was out of the house 5 minutes while scooping snow, but she knew to stay in the kitchen.  When i came in she didn't cross the kitchen line until i said her name.  I was amazed at her strong will of NOT being gated.  The gates that you push against the wall, she has decided to charge and knock over as fast as you can put them up.  SO since we have no choice, we have been told their is NO limiting her in our house. 
  We took your advise and bought a nylabone; it lasted about 2 months.  Then we had to take it away because I was finding blood on the carpets then on the bone then I would look and her gums were bleeding??  I don't know like if that is ok, but then it got excessive and not just like a little here and there, so we took that away and Bryan tried to grind it down at work and we gave it back.  But it like lasted a week and it was back into the same condition.  She loved them though so we may just have to stock up and then just keep them as long as possible then just throw them. But that idea is amazing; i recommend you share it with everyone.  She's already put holes in all her rubber and stuffed animals from x-mas; which i don't know how she does it so quickly, but she loves to hold them down and just rip on them. 
    She is quite the opinionated dog in my opinion.  Bryan bought 3 rugs and one was really ugly and Zoey thought so too, so she took care of it for me by shedding a 2*5 rug in 30 min.  She's never chewed on a rug before or after!  She moves them to by her bowls, but has never chewed on one??  I just don't understand that amazing little mind that you breed for us, but she has found her place as a college dog.  WE ABSOLUTELY LOVE HER! And she is amazing with kids and babies!

Thanks SO Much,
Bryan, Kelsey, & Zoey

Hi Jenny, I would like to let you know how wonderful this last year was raising Zara. One year later it is hard for me to imagine our lives without her. She has made our home her castle and she is best friends with our children. Our boys have learned a great deal of responsibility in caring for her. Having three boys means there is always rough housing and alot of boisterious noise and she loves to romp with the boys. But she knows her limits. She listens well when it is time to calm down and I am always amazed at how she allows the baby...now 18 months...to pull on her lips, ears, and legs and she doesn't even think twice about it. Our youngest son has recently brought her name in to his vocabulary and is just precious when he calls for her. She has recently learned how to dance for special treats which is greatly entertaining. It is so nice in the evening when all the kids are in bed and you finally sit down for a bit and she jumps up and settles right in with you. She is a snorer. It is pretty funny how much so. Her favorite pastimes are going out and eating snow and sprawling out in front of the fire place. We cannot thank you enough for allowing us to add such a wonderful addition to our family. Candi, Jon, Xavier, Zane, Quentin, & Zara
Two years ago, this time we had gotten back from our cruise to find mom grieving for the Princess she had to put to sleep while the 4 of us were gone.  When Al and Mar got back to Aiustin, MN, they started looking for another doggie for mom, but nothing caught their eye nor impressed them! Till they saw your site on the web.And that is the beginning of our story with Princess two and our friendship with you all! Princess Too came into our lives Christmas Day and our lives have never been the same.Mom is so in love with her fur baby and this Boston is one of the best we have ever had and thosewere many over 53 years of our dogs and add another 20 on of grandma and grandpa's bostons!

Thank you Jenny, thank you so much for making our lives even happier! I hope to get some good Pictures come Christmas day, and will send them to you. Thank you again we just love our doggie

It's Rex's FIRST B-day today!!!  He went to Petsmart yesterday and picked out a new mouse toy (Looks like real fur, but has a hard nylabone belly in it). He also got some greenies and various new treats.  Just wanted you to know he is happy and healthy and is SPOILED to a ridiculous degree!!!  Hope all is well with you guys and that you had a great Thanksgiving.  -C

Hi Jenny - just wanted to let you know how much we absolutely adore our new puppy!  We have decided to name him 'Jackson'.  He's so loving and friendly.  We love him!

Katie Bovee (Wittrup)


Hi Jenny- Just wanted to say hello.  My boyfriend and I bought a female boston from you in august..I believe.  We were in NE just moved to FL so we dont have any pics on the computer to send you yet.  But I wanted to let you know how much we love her and how good she is! She is an amazing dog and has the most spunk of any puppy I have ever known! U know what you are doing and you are great at it! We love our little girl and thank you lots!  We named her Addison by the way! THANKS! Melissa & Jack

Hi Jenny.
We made it home (as you can tell). Last night was a busy night but the boys did well. They had the typical accidents but all expected. We got up at 2:45 a.m., went outside and then came back in and they played for an hour. Eventually I just turned off the lights and they snuggled back in. They are so incredibly sweet and  precocious. They've gotten their appetites back and have eaten quite a bit this evening. Our other dog is tolerating them well and they are actually not annoying her too much. The plane ride went really well which I was fairly nervous about. We had a very short lay over in Denver which was good so I didn't let them out for fear they would go to the bathroom on the carpet in the airport. I took them out just before I went through security in Des Moines. I had a lot of comments from the security people about how darling they were. And people on the plane were shocked two puppies traveled so well. They've been great. One of them is curled up sleeping in my lap right now.
Thank you so much for all the nice things you sent back with me. The dishes were a lifesaver (love the non skid part) and the tires and balls were a big hit in the hotel room. I'm more than glad to have the nice shampoo and will get plenty of use out of it. And thanks for your T-shirt. It does fit and I will enjoy wearing it. What a fun idea. Now I can advertise for you! Although I think your dogs do that very well too. I read the puppy magazine you sent with all the papers too. Lots of good info in there. And thank you for having all of their papers in order for me. I hope your night wasn't too late and that you all had fun shopping. It was great to finally meet you all! What a beautiful family you have! Thank you again for everything and for meeting me. I got around fairly well (thanks to MapQuest and the convenient location you picked out) but was very glad when I got to the hotel last night. Iowa is a great unknown secret. I really enjoyed the scenery and the nice people.
You've been such a wonderful help. I am just loving have our guys home with us. Mark is quickly warming up to them too. He had a list of twin names he had gotten off the computer when I got home. We need to name them soon! I will stay in touch! I feel like you are the surrogate mother...you need to hear they are doing well and we are loving them. Take care!
Talk to you soon.

Hi Jenny, I know it has been quite a while since I've talked to you but I finally downloaded some pictures and got them organized and I wanted to send them to you so you could see Chance and his brother KC (the puggle in the pictures), the little girl is my daughter.  Chance is doing so great!!  We have had him since July of 2006 and he is the best dog ever, I don't think i could love a dog more than i love him!!  He is younger than KC and he is so much better behaved than him!  Chance doesn't have to be in his kennel ever,  but i would never leave my house or even go out of sight of KC without putting him in his kennel -if i did something would be destroyed!!  But i never have to worry about Chance, he is such an awesome dog... he really is my little baby, and he is spoiled rotten!   I just wanted to thank you for him, he is such a special part of our family and things would not be the same without him!!  Thank you!  Hope you enjoy the pictures! Paula Cedar Falls

Just thought I would send you some bugg/pug pictures of Nellie & Otey. They Are both doing great!! Nellie & Otey are in love. I didn't think anything Could be a sweet as Otey but Nellie sure is. The kids adore her & she has the Best temperament. Attached are some pictures because I know you didn't have many Of your past buggs and she is so darn cute. So many people inquire about her because She is so different looking. Anyway, enjoy the pictures and thanks again Hope you
Are doing well. Jackie Newell

Zoey is doing great and we couldn't have asked for a better puppy; she's so intelligent, impressive, and super adorable.  We love her, so much and we appreciate you and your family's job in raising her until we could have her.

Thanks so Much,
Have a Great Weekend
Kelsey Zenor and Bryan Geise

Hi Jenny,
Just wanted to say thank you again for everything.  Everything went smoothly in picking up my new baby on Friday.  Bailey is doing very well and seemed to transition almost immediately to his new surroundings.  On the way home in the car, he cuddled with my friend and behaved so well.  He is such a good boy and happy puppy and quite the character!  :)  Thanks again and I will keep in touch with any questions and with his development. 

Hi Jenny,
It's been a while since I've e-mailed you, but Frankie will be turning two on August 8th, and I wanted you to see how nicely he's growing. He's doing extremely well, and he is so loved and so spoiled, he's loving life. I'm constantly checking out your website, looking at your available puppies, wishing I could get another one, but knowing for now Frankie is all I can handle. Everywhere we go people are always commenting on how cute he is, and wanting to pet him, however, he's not too thrilled about strangers touching him before he's had the opportunity to check them out first. I hope you and your family are doing well, and having a great Summer. I will continue to keep in touch periodically with updates on Frankie. Getting him was one of the best decisions I've made. Take Care and God Bless. Kandace Brown    Newark,NJ

Jenny,     I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for allowing us to adopt Jackson and Veruca. They bring us joy each and every day. Tomorrow is Jacksons birthday and I thought you would enjoy a photo of him, (he's in the red harness) and Veruca who turned two Feb 3rd. The humidity was down a bit this morning and they happily played outside for a while with us today. Hope that all is well with your family and all of the dogs. Thanks again! Amy and John Palmer Bloomington, IN

Hi Jenny, Just thought I would send you a quick update. We decided to name our puppy Leela. She has been bouncing off the walls since we got her home, and seems to be adjusting really well. Even though we've had her for a short time, we can't imagine life without her. Thanks for giving us such a sweet and beautiful puppy. We also took her to the vet yesterday, and everything was perfect. Do we need to send you a copy of her checkup record? I have attached a couple of pictures for you, feel free to post them on your website. Thanks again, and we'll keep in touch. I think my parents are already thinking about getting one of your puppies sometime in the future.

Hello Jenny,     I thought that you might like to see some pictures of Ceasar!! He is doing wonderful. He is fitting in to the family wonderfully.   He is so loving. I just love those big sad eyes and his droopy jowls. He just looks at you when he gets in trouble and cocks his head to the side as if to say "How can you possible be mad at anyone with a face as cute as this" I will have to get you some pictures of him running and playing with the cats. One of the cats totally avoids him but the male cat runs after him and they play a lot. Though I think it is more Ceasar playing and the cat trying to get him to leave him alone but Ceasar sees it as playing. He will go up to the cat and just bark and start to run and if the cat doesn't chase him he will come back and bark at him some more. We totally get what he is trying to do. He loves being chased and wants to play it is almost like he is saying "Come on chase me!" He hops around in front of the cat and if the cat even moves his head Ceasar thinks that he is gonna be chased and takes off then when he sees that the cat is still in the same place he comes back at him pouncing around him and barking. It is really cute. The cat that avoids him now used to play with him when we first brought him home but she was sitting on the bed one day just swishing her tail all contented and Ceasar thought that the tail was a toy and tried to bite it so now she avoids him as much as possible. He is getting bigger everyday. He can jump up on our bed now all by himself. He is learning to play fetch. He has a couple of balls that we have gotten him. At first we would toss the ball and he would start after it and then halfway there he would get distracted by something else and forget what he was running after. Now he pounces on it and comes running back to us with it. But we usually have to play tug of war with it in order to get it back from him. I am trying to teach him to let go so he can chase it again but the whole thing is a big game to him. He knows the difference between things that are his and things that he is not supposed to have. When he tries to chew on something that he should not and I say "Drop it" He does immediately but when he has his ball he knows that it is ok for him to chew on that so he will not let go easily, then it becomes a game and he wants to play tug of war with it. Well I just wanted to give you an update about him. And let you know that he is a major part of our family. He is well loved and very Loving in return. He loves to curl up next to us and just watch tv with us also. We got a little kiddy pool for him to splash in and he loves it. He runs across the yard and then jumps into the pool runs across the pool and jumps back out and then starts all over again. We call that his hot laps. Thank you so much for him!! Heather Frost.

Just thought I'd check in and let you know that our little guy is doing great. Vince and I decided to name him BlackJack. We took him to the vet on 6/22 where he was pronounced healthy - the vet commented on what good shape he was in and how well socialized he was. Little Jack is adjusting very well to his new home - he has not cried at all at night when we put him in his crate and is doing very well with potty training. He loves playing and meeting new people - we have had so many comments on how well behaved he is! He goes a little crazy around other dogs but is a great snuggler when he's tired. He had his first play date with my friend's 14 week old Boston last week which was very crazy, but fun. Vince and I just absolutely love him and he is already an irreplaceable part of the family. Thank you so much for all of your hard work and for taking such good care of him. Enjoy the pics!

Thank again!!

Hi Jenny- I just wanted to thank you for Miles.  He is doing so great, he seems to be enjoying his new home.  We are trying to get him used to our bunny, Max. Hopefully soon they will be best friends.  He went to the vet on Tuesday...the vet said he is an extremely healthy baby and he loved Miles personality!  He is becoming more and more independent everyday, and is finding ways to entertain himself indoors and out!  Thanks again for such a great little guy... Laurie

We are so happy we found you ! You have filled our lives with such joy by raising such wonderful puppies.If Sawyer has half the personality as Sammi we will be thrilled .Thank you so much Angie.

Good morning Jenny- just wanted to let you know how wonderful the new puppy is.  We decided on the name "Dot".  Our youngest, Jennie, picked it out.  Daisy is getting used to having her around.  She is actually starting to mother her a little.  Thank you again for such a well socialized and loveable puppy.  We will send pictures with the 2 of them together soon. Thanks Debbie

Incredible!  Amazing!  Sweet!  That is how we describe Sawyer.  Did you work on potty training or is he just a smart little guy?  He already goes to the door and scratches when he needs to go out!!!  We are so amazed!!!  He is making life so easy.  We went to the vet today.  He weighs 6.5 lbs.  Our vet just loves him and can't believe how much he looks like Sammi.  She agreed that it is a good thing he's brindle so we can tell them apart.  He got his shots and microchipped today.  I gave the vet one of your business cards and she said she would definitely refer people looking for bostons to you as she's seen our two puppies and says they are very healthy and well behaved.  So everyone is getting along great.  Sammi has stopped salivating every time she is near Sawyer.  Spencer rolls on his back and lets Sawyer climb all over him.  We do have to supervise playtime as Spencer and Sammi play quite rough and Sawyer thinks he's a 50 lb dog that can take on anybody!  Sammi is so sweet.  She is always bringing him her toys to play with.  She also has taught him how to help separate laundry.  Now I have two helpers!  Wish they'd learn to fold!  Sammi and Sawyer are so much alike it's almost scary.  Sawyer is a bit more mellow than Sammi but they are both such lovers!!!  Sawyer has slept in bed with all of us from the first night and is doing great.  He sleeps in the crook of my neck all night.  Thank goodness he's not a snorer like Sammi and Spencer or we'd never get any sleep.  We are so happy to have another of your puppies to add to our family.  They are such a joy to have around!  Angie

Jenny- I took Harley to my veterinarian earlier this week. He said Harley is in very good health. He said Boston Terriers are one of his favorite breed! I got the vet report and will mail to you tomorrow!Harley is being a typical puppy - attacking our feet as we walk around, running around wild when he plays, chews on things if we don't catch him fast enough and is sweet and loveable when he sleepy and loves to lay in our laps! We love him lots! Once again thanks for letting us purchase him from you! We look forward to working with you again in the future! If I have time later this weekend I will try to send some pictures of him in our home! Lisa

Hey there! I named her chicklet she is doing just great. I bought her a really cute dress pink with white hearts, doesn't it sound so cute. We sure do play a lot at night, then she sleeps almost all night in bed with me. She is so precious thank you                Pam
Oh my goodness!  Since we have received Zoey it has been go, go, go!  She is Just an amazing traveler which matches her personality.  We have really been Blessed!  We took her to a graduation on Saturday. I wasn't really nervous Taking her because she is such an angel.  The graduation was in Missouri, so We traveled both ways in one day about a 4 1/2 hour trip one way.  She slept Both ways and slept through the pinning and graduation also. We were so Happy!  We took her in one of those  doggie  purses/carriers.  She loves the Purse when I get her ready by putting stuff in her bag she starts crawling In it and putting her toys in it as if she's packing to go.  My family is Just amazed by her and her personality.  She loves to pounce and bounce, but She also knows when it's love time and she snuggles with anyone who will Hold her.  Everyone comments on her markings and how beautiful they are and Most say they have never seen the brindle in a Boston Terrier, but they love It!  Thanks so much for such a wonderful puppy! Thanks again, Bryan and Kelsey


My husband Joe and I want to thank you and your husband for helping us adopt our new puppy. She is so wonderful.  She did great on the car ride home. She is just such a sweetheart- we love her very much. Thank you so much for raising such a wonderful puppy and being supportive and available for us. *We did take her to see the vet yesterday to get checked- she received a clean bill of health. Thank you again for everything! 
Nicki Dahms

Jenny,  I picked up Ellie on Saturday and just wanted to let you know that we all just love her.  She is doing just great!  She loves her new "sisters".  We have 2 labs (11 1/2 year old Molly - yellow lab, and almost 2 year old Abby - black lab)  Abby is really crazy about Ellie and checks on her when she is sleeping.  She goes in her room, sniffs and gives her one lick on her head.  I think Ellie is very happy in her new home!  Thanks  Terri

Jenny,Jeff and Girls, Thank you for allowing us to buy a puppy from you. We appreciated all the updates and pictures of Harley ! We promise to keep you also updated on Harley now that He will be with our family.Thank you for taking care of him the first 8 weeks of his life !We are glad that you were able to meet Us halfway to pick up Harley !! Your customers now and hopefully in the future ! Randy,Lisa,Evan and Kaitlyn Witte

Hi!  I just wanted to say hi and let you know that we are absolutely in love with our little Boston, LuLu, that we purchased from you back in January 2005.  We live in Chicago and were fortunate enough to meet your husband when we picked up LuLu in early April 2005.From time to time my husband and I check out the available pups, but with a new baby on the way, I'm thinking another puppy would be too much to handle right now!  We're definitely going to be looking for another Boston and you'll be the first place we turn to. They are just TOO cute.  Take care, Whitney

Hi Jenny!
How are you?  Hope things are going well for you, the family, and your dogs.  Nibbler is growing like a weed, we took him to the vet last week for updated vaccinations and they said he gained 3 pounds in 3 weeks!  He now weighs 9 lbs!  Any idea how much bigger he'll get? We took him to Petco two weeks ago and he had the time of his life!  Everyone who met him fell in love with him, and I made sure to give them your website. :) Anyway, we are still working on potty training him...he's definitely improved but with our busy schedules, we knew it would take a little bit longer.  He is also living up to his name, he loves to nibble on everything, but he also knows his limits! Here are some pictures of him!  In the last pic, the toilet paper incident was too cute to pass up, now we remember to close every door in the house when Nibbler is out prowling around! Have a good week!

Hi, Jenny & family!

First of all, we want to congratulate you on the arrival of your new daughter!  Kristin came home from school and told us that your family had a new baby.  She and her friends check your web site occasionally at school during computer class!  That is so wonderful! I’ve also been meaning to drop you a note and let you know how Clover is doing!  We got her from you in September of 2005.  She is the center of our family!  She makes us laugh ALL of the time!  We can’t imagine our lives without this special little sweetheart! I should tell you that her name is Clover but for some reason, we all call her Boo!  This name is what she is called most of the time, Boo or Boo-Boo!  I am not sure how or why we started calling her this but we always have.  The kids say that it’s because it was Halloween season when we got her!  We think she is very smart!  She really seems to understand what we say to her.  She tilts her head from side to side and is so alert.  She will sit and listen to you talk as long as you’re willing to talk!  She’s just the cutest! My parents babysit her from time to time if we’re going to be out of town overnight and we can’t take her along.  Now, I should tell you that my dad is a huge hunter.  I thought that maybe he would have a hard time bonding with Clover because he’s kind of a big hunting dog kind of guy.  He LOVES Clover!  I mean, he doesn’t just like her.  He LOVES her!  Last summer when we went to Minnesota for a week, my folks kept her.  Dad didn’t want to give her back!  This past week during the ice storm, we stayed with my grandma a night and my folks a night!  Dad just lights up whenever he sees Clover!  He even will drive all the way back out to their farm to see her during the day when they have her!  She’s very spoiled!  My mom of course loves her to death! Thank you, Jenny, for giving us such a healthy, beautiful, kind-hearted, and sweet Boston Terrier!

The Wolf Family

John, Amy, Kristin, and Sam


Biggsville, Illinois

Hi Jenny, Oh I have to thank you so much for such a great puppy. Potty training is going great! We walk out to the same spot and then when she's done she runs right back to the door to come in. She is afraid of coming in the door but she will wait for you to pick her up and bring her in. The kids adore her. Every time Zane (our 2yr old) wakes up he comes running into the playroom asking "Where's the puppy?" over and over. And Xavier (our 4yr old) says "This is the most favorite dog I've ever had." Even though this is the only dog he has ever had. Xavier begged to come with to the vet yesterday. He came a long and did a wonderful job helping. We think Zara is under the impression that our baby is another puppy. She tries to play and lick him while he is crawling on the floor. They are quite the pair. She is also quite the snuggler. I think the kids really wear her out. So thank you for raising a well adjusted puppy. She has fit right in and we adore her. Candi, Jon, Xavier, Zane, & Quentin Robbins Columbus, Wisconsin

Dear Jenny and the animals,  I am just writing to compliment you on your dog breeding program. Thank you for breeding quality Bostons and Pugs. Great health, no inherited diseases or conditions, and attention to breeding for good temperment is so important.  Mary Lynn Doyle

The only thing I can say after buying not 1 but 3 bostons from Jenny is that they are the best dogs ever.  We bought our first one 3 years ago and fell in love with her so we bought another one 2 years ago and just bought our third one six months ago.  We have a 17 month old son and these dogs are WONDERFUL with him.  I know you might think we are crazy to have 3 dogs in the home but they really are part of our family.  The go where we go and like I mentioned before they play great with our son.  So to answer your question...we will always buy from Jenny.  Although, 3 is enough for me right now.  She breeds really fun, playful and loving dogs.  We have had no problems with any of them.  Jenny was our first Boston experience.  We have had family Bostons along with other breeds ( and still do have other breeds too).  We've dealt with Bostons since I was born as my grandparents always had one too; and I will be 65 in a few months.I still work as a night nurse supervisor and have been around the block so to say.  I WOULD NEVER DEAL WITH ANOTHER BREEDER We got our Princess from her a year ago Christmas.  We got Princess from her for our mom who had lost her Boston a few monthsbefore that--and not only was that the best thing we did, but my sister, in Austin, MN, is the one who found her and the future dogs will come only from Jenny! Her dogs are hand raised, with kids and other dogs in evidence.  And she cares and is very careful who she sells to, taking into consideration her pups and the people.  She also gives you a puppy starter pack which I had never heard of before, but it is excellent! Jenny and her family are exceptional and her husband is super supportive. We have had NO trouble with our Boston..and her health has been fine, and she gets along with every person, grandchild and dog in our family without batting one of her long eyelashes.  This is especially important to us for two reasons:  we are a doggie family so when we get together every two weeks we have 5 different dogs together in one house---no problems.  When we have the grand kids too, she is the most happy and sociable dog of the pack! I recommend Jenny and her dogs, you bet I do!  Completely!  You can't go wrong and believe me you will not regret it.  I watch the web site daily and love those babies!  I am glad that we live in the Milwaukee Metro area otherwise I would probably be there on a weekly basis playing with those adorable fur babies. Good luck with your purchase...after all where can you actually buy a bundle of love like one of Jenny's Bostons. happy cuddling. Barbara

Thank you again for giving such a terrific,loving,beginning to our pup ! We appreciated the time you spent with us when we came to you,and your guidance whenever we had questions.It was evident how much you cared about  her, and all of your other dogs and puppies.Whenever we have a chance,we recommended you to others. Thank you again for our ray of sunshine ! We have never laughed,loved,and played so much ! Dawn & Greg Sohr

Hello Jenny, I just wanted to give you a quick update on Ozzie.  He is doing great!  We couldn't be happier with him.  He's such a loving friendly dog.  I always tell people he's never met anything or anyone he didn't like.  Today is his 6 month birthday!  I hope all is well with your family and the new baby.   As of December 29 he was 12.9 lbs.  He has consistently been picking up 2 lbs every 3 weeks!!!  So by now he's probably over 15 lbs.  Our vet anticipates he'll be closer to 25 lbs before its all said and done. Sincerely Chris Brummett 
  Hi Jenny - I have to tell you how much we love our new puppy!!  The kids have named him Girard.  He is the most adorable little thing in the world!!  The kids are crazy about him!!  He falls asleep while they're holding him.  He didn't seem to have any separation anxiety.  He hasn't cried and certainly didn't lose his appetite!!  It's amazing how that little thing can eat!!  He's also been very good about going outside.  He's only had one accident in the house so far and does all his business outside.  What's funny though, is how ferocious he thinks he is.  We have a 130 lb Newfoundland, the little Girard already thinks he's the boss!!  So, Jenny, I just wanted to thank you for taking such good care of him and making him such a social little guy!!  He loves everybody!! Thanks again, Janet Pincombe

HI Jenny, I have had so much fun with Herky . He is so funny. Thank

 you so much. My mom likes Him to . Thanks again, Andrew



I just wanted to tell you how funny and smart Rex is!!  He already knows his way around the upper level of our house.....he's explored every nook and cranny.  We have a big wicker basket FILLED with stuffed animals, tug of war toys, chew toys, etc.  Rex propells himself directly into the basket and rummages around in there until he finds the toy he wants.  Then he drags it out and tumbles over the side with it!  He can already go up the 2 stairs from the garage into the kitchen all by himself.  He also goes "swimming" in the bigger dogs' food bowls!!  He literally hops into the food bowl and moves his legs all around knocking their food everywhere.  Then he scavenges a loose piece or two for himself!    He stalks our Golden Retriever and lunges for her tail, and he also throws himself up into the big Pugs bed whenever she's not in it and starts chewing on the sides of it!  He's a little pistol for sure!  You know the Tyranosaurus-Rex is "the Lizard King".  We like to call Rex the Rotundo-saurus Rex, or "King of the fat and round" (remember his middle name is Rotundo!) !!!!   We LOVE him, he's adorable, sweet, smart as a whip, and sassy.  He fits right in! I can't tell you what a joy he has been already, the way the girls'  faces lit up when they saw him.  He has definately been keeping us busy, He is just a little ball of energy. :)  We have named him Dexter, he is just adorable.                              Thank you with                                     Teresa


Hello, Jenny! I just wanted to give you a little update on Lucy, our new little Boston Terrier! It’s been two weeks since we brought her home, and we are all adjusting well! Lucy is our first dog, and our experience with you was wonderful. Thank you for answering all of our questions while we waited for Lucy to come home and for your prompt response to my nervous phone call during that first week. It’s clear that our puppy received a lot of love and socialization while she was under your care, and that has made her a delight to live with. She’s a charmer—everyone loves her! We took our first trip to PetSmart this past weekend, and she was the toast of the store! Thanks again for all of your help, and for breeding such great pooches! Ami

  Hi Jenny, Saffron Angus Jacobson is doing very well-she is really fun to have around and is about 90% housebroken.  She really enjoys playing outside and sleeping with us.  Thanks again for all the help getting the transaction done smoothly.

Bryce Jacobson

Good Morning,

It's been a busy morning and Zelda is now taking her first nap of the day, on Bob's chest.  She's suppose to be my baby, but she loves Bob and likewise for him.  She's just the sweetest  puppy and so good.  We're enjoying her so much.  Our Vet just thinks she's beautiful a great Boston.  What a joy to have Zelda. Thanks again Rosie Good Evening, It's been a busy couple days.Zelda is a delight!!!  She's so sweet, we're just so happy to have her.  She's had 2 accidents and they were our fault. She is so easy to house break.   She's so social  and just loves to play.  We're so happy with Zelda.  A lovely puppy.You raise such nice dogs.  We'll let everyone know.  Great doing business with you. Rosie Stone.  ps. She's sleeping now, but I'll try and send a  picture soon.


WOW!!!!!  She is absolutely adorable!  My girlfriend and I couldn't take our eyes off of her the entire ride home.  We stopped once to let her out and she pooped.  Other than that, she slept most of the way....I imagine it was a long day for her.  She whined at 2:00am and we took her out and she pee'd and pooped again, but she slept through the night, curled up to warmed puppy pillow, the rest of the night. This morning she ate and drank and then went into her crate on her own(!) for a nap.  After that, she slowly started familiarizing herself with the kitchen/living room area and was shy for a bit, but that didn't last long. Twenty minutes later she was playing with us and her toys.  I took her out to play in the yard after that and she loved it!.....Bounding and running and chasing me.  We've only had her for 1 day and already we are completely in love with her.

I just want to say thanks again to you for providing us with such a beautiful little puppy.  She has put some big smiles on our faces!  Also, please tell your husband thank-you very much for driving her over to Prairie Du Chien to meet us -- that really made the trip much easier for us. We'll keep you posted.  Thanks again, Chad, Jenny, & Roxie

Hi it's been too long since I have updated you on Anna. I appologize. Incase you don't remember my husband and I had lost a Boston at 7 months old (we purchased from another breeder) due to GME. I got Anna from you for a surprise Christmas present for my husband. I can't thank you enough for everything you and your husband did for our family. Anna is doing very well and at 6 1/2 months is about 14lbs and perfectly healthy. She is our little princess, and she is spolied rotten. Her markins are second to none and the vet is amazed with how healthy her respiratory system is due to "not over breeding." She came to us an inch away from being house trained and also knew how to use a potty pad durring the day in th house. She has the best temperment with everyone espically our son. Again I can't thank you enough for everything you did for us and everything you do for this wonderful breed. May God bless you and your family.

Dear Jenny,  First of all let me wish you the biggest mom's day ever as with all the babies you have had you have to be the best mom of all, especially with all those simply darling babes of yours!I must say, every time I visit your site I come back smiling, how can one not smile with all those lovable pugs and bostons! Again, thank you sincerely for our family pooch! Sincerely, Barbara Cowan, New Berlin, WI

Just wanted to let you know, Peanutt has adjusted well. Mainly he has been sleeping, but luckly he has had no accidents in the house or his kennel and sleep most of last night. Only had to let him out once. What a great puppy. I also wanted to share some pictures with you. THanks again. I will keep you posted.

Hi, we're the girls who got Princess for our MOM.  Actually Maryann and Al came down and got her.  You have NO idea how perfectly she fits in the family, like it was meant to be.Thank you again for adding to mom's life, but actually to all our ours!Again I can't tell you how much we thank you every day for her! WE JUST LOVE OUR PRINCESS TOO!   Barb

Dear Jenny and family, We just wanted to thank you very much for such a wonderful little puppy!  We named him Louie, and he is already spoiled!  He is 100 percent healthy and very very sweet.  He is happy on any warm lap and everyone in our home is willing to offer him a place to nap. We have owned other Boston Terriers and have worked with other breeders, but working with you was the best experience we have ever had.  You maintain a very clean breeding program and your love and commitment to your adult dogs and puppies shows! I would be very happy to speak with anyone that is interested in purchasing one of your puppies.  Feel free to use us as a reference. 

Thank you also for the wonderful weekly updates and the very generous supply of “goodies” for our new puppy!  No other breeder has made sure we had everything we needed to bring a puppy home!  Paula and family


P.S.  Louie has already visited Santa Claus!  Have a Very Merry Christmas!  We’ll keep you posted with updates

Dear Jenny,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for making the purchase of my puppy a stress free and enjoyable experience. I feel as though we've bonded as a result of the constant communication we've had. Thank you for being available to answer any and all of my questions.

Prior to selecting you, I had spoken to several other breeders, some in my state, and some in other states, but after coming across your website, I knew without a doubt that you were the right breeder for me. I am convinced that what you do is out of love for the breed, and it shows in the quality of the puppies you offer.

Initially I was concerned about having him shipped, but even that process went smoothly, and he didn't appear to be stressed in any way. So if any one is concerned about the shipping option, they shouldn't be, it went well, he didn't even soil his crate.

I would refer you to anyone who was interested in purchasing a Boston Terrier. Your puppies are truly quality pups. Thanks again.

Kandace Brown

Hi Jeff and Jenny- I just wanted to say "Thank You" so very much for our female puppy!! She is wonderful!! Her personality is warm and loving just like you said it was.  We decided on the name "Daisy"
We couldn't be happier with our choice!!! I would highly recommend you if any one else I knew was interested in getting a Boston. Thank you very much. Thanks again, Debbie  - Phil  - Amber  - Jennie Paxson

Once we decided that a Boston Terrier was the right dog for our family we did weeks of research to find a knowledgeable, honest, and reputable breeder. Jenny and her Boston Babies were exactly that. We got our first puppy in March and second in October. Jenny was everything we could have hoped for and more. We appreciated all the communication that we received, weekly updates, pictures, and emails to let us know what they were doing that week. You answered any and all of our questions no matter how small they were. We were so impressed with your knowledge and love of the breed that we drove 9 hours each way to pick up our first puppy. We also knew you would be the only breeder we would consider for any future puppies. We have two wonderful, loving, healthy puppies. We would like to thank you for your continued communication and support line.  Amy and John Palmer

Hi. This is one of your past customers. I just want to say thank you so much. Are puppy has brought so much joy to my life and my other dog. She is such a wonderful animal to have. I hope buisness is doing good and I will never forgot you and your family. Roxy Sadie's puppy is so fun and happy. I hope you guys are doing great.  From,  Kelsey Sterritt

I would recommend one of Jenny's puppies to anyone.  They are very well taken care of, healthy and happy.  Jenny takes very good care of her puppies and makes sure that they are well socialized before they go to their new homes.

Nancy Hanson

I would love to say something about Jenny Vsetecka and the Boston Babies!!!I searched high and low for someone that was a reliable, caring, knowledgeable, trusted breeder---and I was the most pleased with Jenny Vsetecka.There were several things that impressed my family----which influenced us to buy a puppy from her: first and foremost: Jenny's  dogs and pups are bred in-house, raised as pets, socialized, loved and adored!!  That is the exact type of breeder we wanted!!!second: Her website is awesome.  When you are buying a puppy it is helpful to have pictures, information at one's fingertips!third: She was available via email, phone for any and all of my questions, and I had alot of them.  I felt we became friends.She also offered herself as a resource after we bought the puppy---no one else I talked to offered that!!! We love the treatment we were given, and the puppy we received.   Thank you Jenny!!! Glenn, Ethel, Glennda Currence

Davenport, IA

Jenny, you have really made this new puppy process very enjoyable, and it is wonderful to know that I can come to you with questions or concerns anytime.  Its is quite obvious that you really enjoy what you do, and love these dogs.  Thank you for your consistent follow up, and I will recommend you to anyone who wants a Boston Terrier  Thank you,

Chad McLaughlin

I just want to say that you have been wonderful to work with and I feel so lucky to have found you. We feel so excited about getting our puppy from you, and I love how well you care for and love the puppies.

Blessed to have found Jenny and her Boston Babies! Before we even made a deposit, Jenny was quick with her responses to our questions. From that moment on, we knew we found a unique breeder. Jenny cares for each puppy as if it is her own "child". She raises them in her home with her family which prepares them for their new homes and families. Throughout the wait, Jenny sent puppy updates including photos of our puppy so we could see how she was growing! We were even able to visit our puppy TWICE before picking her up. Jenny was and IS always there to answer any and all questions. I would recommend Jenny and her Boston Babies without hesitation to anyone interested in welcoming a Boston Terrier into their lives! Thank you,Jenny, for all you do! Keep up the tremendous work!!  Michele and Wes

I would just like to thank Jeff and Jenny for taking such good care of our new puppy!  She is absolutely adorable and the sweetest dog ever.  Jenny is a delight to communicate with and we couldn't be happier. 

We bought two puppies from Jenny....one is October and one six months later in April.  We fell in love with our first puppy and couldn't imagine not having another one.  Jenny is a wonderful kind person who knows how to breed and raise nothing but fun loving boston terriers.  Jenny and I have become so close because of her belief in staying in touch with her puppies and where her puppies go.  I would recommend Jenny's boston terriers to anyone.  If your looking for a puppy who will greet you everyday at the door jumping up and down, cuddle you like a child, kiss you like there's no tomorrow, play with tennis balls none stop and look at you with all the love a dog can give you then you have found the right dog and breeder!  The Quinn's

"We feel so lucky to have found Jenny and to have purchased one of her Boston Babies. Our little guy has been healthy and happy since the day we brought him home. He has a great disposition and personality. It was a pleasure buying a puppy from Jenny. We loved the updates and pictures she sent of our puppy so we could watch him grow from the time he was born to the time he was ready for us to take him home. Thank you!"

- Laila