Jenny’s Boston Babies

One year health guarantee & Contract

Seller warrants that your puppy/dog is a purebred Boston Terrier and Registered with one of the following selected registries. AKC / APRI / CKC .Seller has had your puppy examined by their licensed veterinarian prior to leaving sellers home.

Your puppy received their first series of vaccinations at 6- 7 weeks old (second series and third series if needed depending on when they go).They are vaccinated with Solo - Jec 7 Plus vaccines.So they are protected against the following - Canine Distemper, Hepatitis (CAV-1 cross protection CAV-2), Parainfluenza, Parvovirus Vaccine (MLV) Leptospira Bacterin (Boehringer Ingelheim)They are also vaccinated with Bronchicine CAe at eight weeks old to help protect them against Bordetella (Kennel cough ). Any other vaccinations needed are the responsibility of the new owner.

Buyer is required to have their new puppy examined by their licensed veterinarian within ten (10) days of receiving their puppy or buyer's one year Health guarantee is void . If buyer's licensed veterinarian determines that the puppy has a life threatening illness or reduces the quality of life due to genetics, a replacement puppy will be given. We will require documentation from your veterinarian, and reserve the right to a second opinion from our licensed veterinarian. We do not offer cash refunds. Seller is NOT responsible for any veterinarian expenses and will NOT reimburse for veterinarian expenses under any circumstances. No Exceptions.. .


If the seller discovers the buyer's puppy has a health issue or defect while still in our care you will be notified immediately and you will have the option to keep the chosen puppy or choose a different puppy deposits are not refundable.. Seller gives one year health guarantee against genetics that are life threatening or reduces the quality of life starting the date your puppy is born as long as buyer keeps their puppy up to date on vaccinations, de worming and regular health examinations or warranty is void . No exceptions.If the buyer makes a deposit on a puppy and changes their mind the deposit it not refundable but can be put towards a upcoming litter.


If your puppy/dog needs to be returned to us for any reason, all shipping or travel expenses will be at the buyer’s expense. In the event a replacement puppy is offered do to genetic defects that are life threatening or reduces the quality of life, the buyer is responsible for shipping. If the buyer can no longer care for the puppy/dog or it doesn't work out due to any reason or age whether it is one day from now or thirteen years .Seller requires buyer's puppy / dog come back to seller no cash refunds will be made unless the puppy/dog can be re adopted. Buyer has no right to rehome the puppy/dog on their own.Seller is more qualified to do so.NO EXCEPTIONS.. We love them and want the best for them.


This puppy/dog is being sold, as a pet only. This puppy comes with limited registration .This puppy/dog comes with NO breeding rights. In the best interest of this puppy, Seller requires the buyer to have the puppy spayed or neutered by six months of age or Health Guarantee is void and the seller can/will take the puppy/dog back. NO EXCEPTIONS/NO EXCUSES NOT TO HAVE IT DONE. The buyer MUST send us a copy from their veterinarian stating the puppy has been spayed or neutered by six months of age with a date on it or Health Guarantee is void when the puppy is six months old and the seller can/will take the puppy back. NO EXCEPTIONS. If seller feels as though the welfare or care of the puppy/dog is in jeopardy the seller has full rights to take the puppy/dog back.We put to much in to our puppies for them to end up with breeders and so on. We want them to be apart of your family and won't settle for anything less. Please understand that this contract is binding.

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