When we have available adult dogs they are looking for loving homes and to be apart of the family only. I don't think they are asking for much and we expect nothing less..If we cant find them another loving home they have a loving home here with us.All our dogs are socialized and loved and played with everyday.Plus when they go to their new loving homes they feel like they are at home from the start.

We will NOT sell our adults or our puppies to breeders ,pet stores,puppy mills or brokers.As I have always said we don't put everything into our dogs and puppies from start to finish to have them sitting in a cage used for breeding only and never be apart of the family.

We also do not believe in euthanasia of our dogs  just because we retire them unlike like most breeders.That is why we let them be adopted by people who will take them in and love them like their own. We love our dogs and will not settle for anything less. NO SHIPPING !!